Here’s a taste of all the delicious Veggies this Garden has to offer






You could be laying face down on a plush and silky massage table, while the tension between your muscle tissues melts away in the hands of a licensed masseuse.

You could be standing single file behind three upset elderly clients at your local Wells Fargo, one of whom smells like the half-finished, half gallon of 2% milk that’s been sitting in your fridge well passed it’s expiration date.

You could be in the middle of your group’s presentation on cell division to your 11th grade AP Bio class, and just before it’s your turn to enlighten your peers on the role of RNA in the Telophase…

You begin to daydream. And that’s ok…

As long as this song is the one playing in your head 😁.

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"He's gotta q-tip... looking for wax"




John Kraus


Surrounded by the fear Claustrophobia at the time of writing, this song is both a plea, and a beacon of hope. Full of ambition, and enclosed within the glass walls of my “fishbowl”, I let my dreams flow like an ocean wave into my notes app.

Between my words, the omnipotent bass-line from the 808s of Spaceman Crux, and the majestic saxophone sample of Chuck Overton, I sure hope we’ve inspired to break the glass of your fishbowl as well. 🐠

"Swimming in a fishbowl, hoping that I get to sea"

BillBoards & BusStops

Daniel Wall


Daniel Wall


Remember those 6 AM rides on the school bus? That nauseating trip full of bumps, sharp left turns, and that one ‘morning person’ shouting gibberish at deafening decibel levels from six inches behind your ear?


When you need to drown out that noise, THIS is the song you listen to. 🚌 🎧

“Planet Fitness Pop up wondering ‘Where you at?’

I only signed up for the pizza”

Spin the Record

When you’ve spent as much time at Farmer’s Markets as I have, you’re bound to learn a thing or two. I’ve chummed with so many expert gardeners throughout my life as the Kale Gawd, that the amount of nuggets of wisdom I’ve accrued is uncountable.

This series of songs represents not only my take on recreating some of my our veggies, but also is a salute to all of those gardeners from whole I’ve learned so much.

I sure hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Yes, vegetables are incredible. They nourish us with the life-enriching elixir of energy with every bite, and they are also extremely versatile in the kitchen. 🥗👩‍🍳

However, if there is a downside, it’s that they often leave us feeling… unsatisfied. Sometimes, the more veggies we eat, the hungrier we get! I know you’ve experienced that drive home from work or school in the midst of interstate rush hour traffic, or maybe a bus ride that’s littered with red lights and congestion. During those moments, you’re probably frustrated, exhausted… and hungry! 😠😡

Well, just this once, before you pull off an exit for a detour to McDonald’s, or before you get off the bus a few stops early to grab a Slurpee and a taquito, give my Roadside Snacks a try. They are undoubtedly much healthier, and a bit more delicious if I do say so myself 😊 — 

— but don’t take my word for it. Try a little sample here to my right! ➡️➡️.

If you like them as much as I do, click the button below to find more in my IG highlight titled ‘RS’, and join me every day on my Instagram Story to find a new serving of Roadside Snacks. 🚗🥬️

Life's more fun with friends. let them know!


🥬️😋 Stop Stalling; Eat Yo Veggies 😋🥬️

Life's more fun with friends. let them know!


🥬️😋 Stop Stalling; Eat Yo Veggies 😋🥬️