It's a lot DEEPER than Rap

And it starts with YOU

Here’s what you’ll grow..

“What Exactly is all of this for?”

Excellent Question, and there is One Primary Reason

Cause I’m Thankful!!

Creating is hard work, and a lot goes into it – even just figuring out what to say on this webpage has been difficult. 

I’ve spent a lot of time creating in isolation; no one around except myself and my Notes App. 

Lemme tell ya, the mind says a lot of CRAZY stuff when you’re by yourself…

Here’s how a conversation can often start

Me: “You’re not good enough”


Also Me: “Yes I am”


Me Again: “No you’re not”

Usually, it’s downhill from there. 

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Plus, the prospect of confronting the potential darkness scares me to my core.

All I want to do after this conversation is retreat into my hole.

Where there’s…

  1. No more musical vulnerabilityΒ 
  2. No more criticism
  3. No more pain

Just me, myself, and my comfort

homer simpson homer

But you’re HERE

You all have decided to…

1. Give me a chance

AND you have decided that

2. This is somewhere you actually WANT to be

It’s that support and love that gives me the confidence to venture out into the void of my own mind, and deal with all of the negative, incoherent mumbo jumbo


With you all by my side, it’s not so scary

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And while there are plenty of detractors who will try to bring me back to the dark

Hate Screenshot

You all Remind me that I am on the right path

Kale Gawd Featured Artist

So allow me to formally invite you to the Garden